The Royal Guard

We will be starting back up the Royal Guard once again! Meetings will take place once a month. These meetings will be held strictly in Role play and will include Promotions, and current in game events.


  • If you are on the Royal Guard and attending an event, you must trade a book with the name of the Royal Guard character to get credit for attendance.
  • You will be permitted to use an alt during events.
  • Player must be there from begging to end to gain full Credit.

Ranks and Promotions:

Elder Knight – Event Points: 256 Events
ArchKnight – Event Points: 128 Events
Knight – Event Points: 64
Squire – Event Points: 32
Garrison – Event Points: 16
Watchman – Event Points:8
Scout – Event Points: 4
Recruit – Event Points: 2

Things to know(Subject to change):

  • Extra Event Points may be earned during events
    • Wearing Royal Guard approved uniform during events on your royal  guard character
    • performing above and beyond tasks
  • You will never be allowed to earn enough points to skip ranks.
  • points reset once you obtain a new rank.
  • Each Rank will have a difference in uniform.
  • Promotions will be held during Royal Guard meetings.




August Fishing Challenge

The fish chosen for this months challenge, is the Fairy Salmon. Thanks go to Karn, our last months winner, for choosing this months Fish! As usual, submit your entries over at the mailbox at the EM Hall. The winners will be announced by the end of the month! The entry with the heaviest fish will be crowned the winner. Entries must be submitted no later than the 31st of the month and will have until the 5th of September to submit their choice for next months fish!

NOTE: To give a bit of flexibility, please choose a fish that is of rare quality. No legendary or dungeon fish will be accepted for future contests. The winner may submit their choice via email: