Decoding the Book of Ancients Event – 8/6 @ 7PM PDT

We will be continuing the Adventures of Trinsic Jones this coming Sunday the 6th of August at 7PM PDT.

In our previous adventure, Trinsic Jones along with our heroes acquired a map and ventured into the depths of an unknown tomb. During their daring encounters with the undead and a sleeping dragon, they found an ancient book written in an unknown language.

Trinsic Jones needs your help! In order to decode the book, he requires your aid once again! Come join Trinsic Jones this Sunday at 7PM PDT and help him to discover what secrets the book of Ancients holds!

July Fishing Challenge Winner… Karn!

Please join me in congratulating Karn as our Fishing Challenge Winner for the month of July! The prize fish was caught on the 12th of July and weighed 178 stones. Karn’s plaque will be displayed in the reward hall.

As the winner,Karn gets to choose the fish for August!  Please choose your reward fish by the 5th of August and either email me ( or contact me in game.

I would also like to thank Sweaver Gal and Kaede Ibashi for their submissions! Sweaver Gal’s fish weighed at 171 stones and was caught on the 7th of July, while Kaede Ibashi’s weight at 123 and caught on the 1st of July.

Thanks to all who participated in this months Fishing Challenge.