May Event Schedule

Hello friends,

I hope you all had as much fun in April as I did! We did things a bit differently, last month. You were introduced to Siobhan, a member of the Order of the Prima Materia. With her help, the thieves in our lands successfully stole the required texts from Blackthorn’s dungeon. With that, Commander Chimaera was able to be resurrected and pulled from the darkness.

Lord Shadow Walker won the monthly fishing challenge with a 185 stone Autumn Dragonfish! He chose the Yellowtail Barracuda for May. The barracuda can be found in the deep waters of Trammel. Good luck to all the fishermen and women!

In exchange for the continued help of the Royal Britannian Guard, a ranking ceremony was held at the end of the month. Shard bound crimson lanterns were awarded to members that earned rank by attending events over the past four months. 33 guards were awarded a rank. Here is the post on how ranking works. And here is the breakdown of ranks awarded:

  • Elder Knight (currently highest possible rank): 1
  • ArchKnight: 2
  • Knight: 8
  • Squire: 5
  • Garrison: 5
  • Watchman: 4
  • Scout: 3
  • Recruit: 5

10 players that qualified for a rank did not attend the ceremony. If you were unable to attend the ranking ceremony and think you deserve a rank in the RBG, please email me to discuss:

On to May! As an FYI, I will be unavailable from the 3rd through the 14th, so our schedule is a bit heavy towards the end of the month. I may try to squeeze something in early, but no promises yet. Due to my conflict, our governors meeting has been moved from the second Sunday of the month to Sunday 4/28.

Here’s your May event lineup!

  • Wednesday 5/17 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part III
  • Wednesday 5/24 @ 7pm PST – The Philosopher’s Stone Part IV
  • Sunday 5/28 @ 7pm PST – Governors Meeting
  • Wednesday 5/31 @ 6pm PST – Town Hall
  • Wednesday 5/31 @ 7pm PST – Pet Battle Royale Tournament (see below)
  • Wednesday 5/31 @ midnight PST – Fishing Challenge Contest Deadline

On 5/31, tamers, bring your strongest critter for a head-to-head fight to the death. The tournament will be bracketed, and the winners will receive a plaque to be displayed in the EM Reward Hall as well as bragging rights for handling the most ferocious pet on Sonoma. Pet bonding is encouraged but not necessary for entry if you don’t mind losing your pet. The tournament will take place in a secluded safe area of Felucca. If all goes well, we will do this, monthly.

As always, email me if you need anything.

Happy hunting!