Britain Counselor’s Guild Hall Design Contest

Hello friends,

Our Counselor’s Guild in Britain has been vacant for too long and we need to make it stand out! So, I’m holding a design competition for the hall. We have our guard HQ in Serpent’s Hold and a Hall of Commons north of Brit moongate, so this really can be anything you want it to be.

The vacant hall is 17×17, and the front can be added to, as well. Please submit designs by ¬†April 30th for consideration via email. All submissions will be voted on, and the winning design will be added by the beginning of June.

Some guidelines:

  • A player may only submit one design
  • Moongates or other special items are subject to approval and may not be allowed but can be requested
  • The teleporter to the EM reward hall must stay where it is and in its current form

The winner will receive recognition in the form of a plaque on the front of the hall.