March EM Event Schedule

Hello friends,

We had a very busy February! In addition to the last event in the alchemy arc before the finale, we visited a new whiskey distillery to battle some spirits, and we had the honor of hosting EM Ulric for a particularly deadly fight with some mongbats in Moonglow. Many partook in the grand re-opening ceremony of the Sonoma Reward Hall with a quick scavenger hunt, and the fishing challenge concluded with SWEAVER GAL winning for February! Also, a special shout out to Clym for showing up to the town hall, last Tuesday. I may change these to bi-monthly or quarterly if you guys don’t find them valuable. I like to gain feedback from you at town halls, but I can always do this after events, as well.

For March, the fishing challenge fish chosen by SWEAVER is the Kingfish. These can be found in deep water in Trammel and Felucca.

Here is your event schedule for March:

  • Sunday, 3/12 7pm PST: Governors meeting in Blackthorn Castle
  • Tuesday, 3/14 7pm PST: Alchemical Energy Finale Part I
  • Wednesday, 3/15 7pm PST: Alchemical Energy Finale Part II
  • Wednesday, 3/29 6pm PST: Town Hall
  • Wednesday, 3/29 7pm PST: Paragon Dungeon Crawl
  • Friday, 3/31 Midnight PST: Fishing Challenge Deadline