February’s Fishing Challenge Winner is SWEAVER GAL!

SWEAVER GAL has won the February Fishing Challenge! Weaver’s Fairy Salmon, caught on the 16th and weighing in at 159 stones won over the stiff competition by the other two contestents. Congratulations to our winner. SWEAVER’s plaque will be displayed in the reward hall shortly!

SWEAVER, because you were the winner of this month’s contest, you get to choose the fish for March!  Here is a link to available rare fish choices. Please choose your reward fish by the 5th of March and either email me (emChimaera@gmail.com), contact me in game, or post your response to a generally read forum.

Thanks to all that participated!  Honorable mentions:

  • Asherah – 123 stones
  • Hydraken – 34 stones