Dragon Caravan – Fel event

Royal Guard, to thank you for saving me from that hideous mirror I have some information that could be of use to you. 

There are some people who have been creating genetically tinkering animals.  You have run into a few of their creations already; genetically tinkered goats,  genetically tinkered wolves, genetically tinkered guard dogs, and others.  Rumor has it that they are expanding their business to create bigger meaner creations, for the highest bidder.  Dragons are their current project and they have been successful.  Now all they need is a large herd of dragons to work on. 

A master herder has been hired to bring the dragons to a secret location Friday – 6pst (08/26).  Unfortunately I don’t know the starting location or the ending location.  I’ve only heard hints.  I’ve heard that at the starting location there is a tall building that a wyvern lives near.  As for the ending location, look for some sort of magical moongate in one of the towns in the same land the as tall building. 

Good Luck,



OOC:  The start of this event will be WAY outside guardzone and will end inside guard zone. 

Also, should there happen to be items, since this is Fel, those items will be cursed. *winks at Sonoma’s thieves*