Magic Mirror?

“Captain Bob!! Captain Bob!! He’s gone! Before my eyes, just *poof* gone! The mirror must be magical, I didn’t know! I didn’t know! You have to get him back! He must be trapped in there! Because of meeee!” The panicked balding mage actually started sobbing at this point.

Captain Bob didn’t like tears, he didn’t know what to do when they appeared. So patted the man awkwardly on the back and gave him a glass of water. As the mage drank the water the tears stopped. Captain Bob breathed a silent sigh of relief. “Okay. Let’s start from the beginning. You mentioned a mirror..?”

“Oh right. Yes. That’s correct. We were cleaning out some old rooms and found a covered mirror. It was old and wondered if it had any value so we hired a gargoyle to appraise it for us.” said the mage.

“Wait. Gargoyle? Name?” Bob could suddenly feel a headache coming on.


Bob waved the mage to continue on.

“Anyway, he came into the room and asked where the mirror was, and and and, he was gone!”


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