Farewell, and…

Hello everyone,

We have both good news and bad news for you.
Let me start from the good news 🙂

Balhae will have their own EM!

Now I need to tell you the bad news.
We, EM Asiantam and EM Nekomata will have to move from Balhae, but we will help your EM anytime he needs our help.

Regarding the event planned for the next month, we have cancelled it for now. Stay tuned for further information from your new EM!

Thanks all for having us on Balhae, it was a short while but we really have enjoyed our stay.
Special thanks to EM Hanarin for his help to announce our event in Korean also!

See you again someday!

“With virtue, it shall be.”

~EM Asiantam & EM Nekomata

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