May Archery Tournament!

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This month’s Archery Tournament will be held this weekend (see below for time and date). Remember to arrive a few minutes early to get registered, and also remember to leave your HCI items at home!

  • Start Time : 30-5-2010 03:00 UTC/29-5-2010 20:00 PDT/30-5-2010 12:00 KST
  • Location: Archery Grounds outside Luna (exit Luna via south gate, turn right)
  • Pre-registration is required. Sign up begins 15 minutes prior to the start at the archery grounds. No late entry is permitted, so please be early!
  • No Archery skill required! Two divisions – skilled and unskilled
  • Equipment Provided! *NO HCI (Hit chance increase) items allowed*  Please dress in clothes only – no armor is needed!

Come and show your prowess with the bow or cheer on your favorite contestant!

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