In the Shadow of Virtue – Lost and Found Part 2

A continuation of Lost & Found – Part 1 has been posted to the UO Herald. Also in this latest post is a note from the Dev Team with some insight into the creative process for creating the next chapter of UO Lore.

“Captain Avery stood before Queen Dawn at attention, even though with Lord Francesco dead he wasn’t technically a member of any militia. Old habits from old identities die hard, thought Sherry.

A few moments earlier, Captain Avery had entered the chamber and found Queen Dawn and Dexter the Mage in an animated debate.  He didn’t seem to notice Sherry the mouse, with whom they had also been speaking, because she was under the edge of the sofa by one of the legs.  All three of them had stood as he entered the room; their shame in his presence was palpable.”

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