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A new chapter of In the Shadow of Virtue has been posted to the UO Herald! This latest installment reveals some previously unknown details and also begins a new event arc!

In the Shadow of Virtue – Lost and Found Part 3:

“Private Crag was proud of himself. He had made the big time. No more pickpocket nonsense
for me. No more back alley dice games to make ends meet. I’ve finally got a legitimate job.
Crag watched from his post at the door of the dimly lit room. There were only two people in this
room besides himself and they were way above his pay scale. Yep, this is the big time.”

More of this story and details surrounding the event can be found by visiting the UO Herald!

A continuation of Lost & Found – Part 1 has been posted to the UO Herald. Also in this latest post is a note from the Dev Team with some insight into the creative process for creating the next chapter of UO Lore.

“Captain Avery stood before Queen Dawn at attention, even though with Lord Francesco dead he wasn’t technically a member of any militia. Old habits from old identities die hard, thought Sherry.

A few moments earlier, Captain Avery had entered the chamber and found Queen Dawn and Dexter the Mage in an animated debate.  He didn’t seem to notice Sherry the mouse, with whom they had also been speaking, because she was under the edge of the sofa by one of the legs.  All three of them had stood as he entered the room; their shame in his presence was palpable.”

Please visit this link to read the complete post!


April Archery Tournament

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It’s Tourney time again! This month’s Archery Tournament will be held this weekend (see below for time and date). We had a great time last month and this month promises to be just as much fun!

  • Start Time : 17-4-2010 01:00 UTC/17-4-2010 18:00 PDT/18-4-2010 10:00 KST
  • Location: Archery Grounds outside Luna (exit Luna via south gate, turn right)
  • Pre-registration is required. Sign up begins 15 minutes prior to the start at the archery grounds. No late entry is permitted, so please be early!
  • No Archery skill required! Two divisions – skilled and unskilled
  • Equipment Provided! *NO HCI (Hit chance increase) items allowed*  Please dress in clothes only – no armor is needed!

Come and show your prowess with the bow or cheer on your favorite contestant!


Easter Quest Spoilers Available!

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For anyone needing a bit of help with the Easter Quest, this page has a complete list of locations and items.

The page has been set up so you may reveal as many or as few spoilers as you desire.



Easter Bunny Spotted!

   Posted by: EM Infinity    in Community Events and Gatherings

The Easter Bunny was spotted on Balhae dropping Easter carrots for all to enjoy! First spotted in Luna, and then Britain, the Easter Bunny made the rounds of locations across the realm bringing cheer to all!

Keep an eye out for who knows…there may be more Easter fun to be had!

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