Town Recognition and Banners

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Hail Citizens,
Today I deliver to you an invitation from your Queen. In the name of the Crown and by Proclamation of Her Majesty Queen Dawn, these words I speak.

“Good People of Sosaria,

“In appreciation of the many Communities long established by Citizens and that now lay scattered throughout our lands, it is with great pleasure and honor I announce The Town Recognition and Banner Act.

“Be it known from this day forward the Crown will accept from all Towns and Communities application for official Crown Recognition.

“Invitation is extended to Communities of all sizes and allegiances and on every facet. Recognition will be granted in the form of an official Town Banner you design and have placed in your town.

“In the name of the Crown and The Virtues,

“Queen Dawn”

Those interested in applying are invited to complete the application found on this page.

On Her Majesty’s Authority,

N’Auncell, Queens Messenger

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